About WorldStore.co

WorldStore is setting the standards for the 2nd generation of eCommerce with a mobile platform that delivers all content through live-feed. Access WorldStore from any device to buy, sell, or manage sale items from a single page.

Listing on the WorldStore is free. There is a 5% fee (including credit card processing fee) ONLY upon sale of your item. The WorldStore platform will provide exclusivity and fraud protection – companies can flag and eliminate “knock-offs”. Added features will be available for legal EINs, including a choice of drop shipping or their own fulfillment.


Increase international market share through our multi-lingual platform and a strong mobile presence, extending your reach to countries with limited internet access. WorldStore is creating the future, one-stop-shop for comparison shopping with automated meta tagging for enhanced SEO.


WorldStore uses algorithms to create a rich user experience through dynamic item layout and search functions that present products most efficiently. WorldStore does not restrict the number of videos or photos in any listing and will never display any ads. Automated description paragraph generation from simple product detail entries make it easy for anyone to quickly create attention grabbing listings. We’ll help you list your products with the worth they deserve.


WorldStore's live-feed, next generation cloud infrastructure allows for a seamless one page selling and shopping process on any device. Responsive design provides a scalable experience that displays your items in the most efficient way. Multi-variation product listings and advanced guided search algorithms make it easier for shoppers to find what they want, and for retailers to keep track of large inventories. Enhanced checkout process provides minimal cart abandonment. WorldStore will offer streamlined statistical data analysis to sellers for improved oversight and a cloud-based sandbox environment for corporate API integration. As a US veteran-operated company that puts people first, WorldStore requires no commitment, has no hidden fees - no bullshit.